Welcome to Feminist Outlaw!

I am Diana Adams, and I have found bliss in love and success in career by breaking society's rules on how to live my life.

FeministOutlaw.com is my platform for "coming out" as a relationship and legal activist, and sharing what I've learned.

I believe my generation of feminism is about creating choices in how we can live our lives, regardless of gender. I believe the current rules of society and law are outdated, and don't support us in the reality of our lives, especially as women and non-nuclear families. I believe our government should value ALL families.

In my work for social change as a sexual civil rights lawyer, I advocate for nontraditional families, and educate about healthy family options beyond married Mom-and-Dads. My passion comes from my own experience in nontraditional relationships, and fuels me as a personal activist for relationship choices.  As a bisexual and happily polyamorous woman, I live in open relationships with full honesty and radical communication between my partners, with a glorious chosen family.

I teach the Relationship Ninja skills I've learned as a relationship educator and coach, including self-awareness, radical honesty, confronting jealousy, and negotiating family agreements.

I want to share these things I've learned, support you in your legal choices, and help you create your dream relationships, too. I hope the resources on this site help and want to here your thoughts on these topics!


Upcoming Workshops, Speaking Engagements, and Self-Defense Classes

11/7/13, 5:15 PM: The Future of LGBTQ Family Law in a Post-DOMA World
at Cornell University, Myron Taylor Hall, Room 285
Professor Adams will present on issues facing LGBTQ and nontraditional families that arise in her vibrant NYC law firm and national advocacy. She founded a solo law practice which is now a small firm; this talk will also address possibilities for entrepreneurship within law. (Free)

11/22/13, 5:30 PM: Transgender Youth and Family Law Panel at the Ackerman Institute Gender and Family Project, 936 Broadway at 22nd street, 3rd floor, New York NY
The Gender and Family Project will be hosting a panel of interdisciplinary advocates of gender nonconforming and transgender youth who will present cutting-edge knowledge related to school/education, family law, healthcare, insurance, and other issues affecting the lives of gender nonconforming and transgender youth and their families. Ms. Adams will be speaking alongside Noah Lewis (Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund), Asaf Orr (National Center for Lesbian Rights), and Dru Levasseur (LAMBDA Legal Transgender Rights Project). (Free with RSVP before 11/20)

And find me at these sexuality and law conferences in the upcoming year!

8/7/14-8/10/14: Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

8/20/14-8/23/14: Lavender Law 2014 at the Sheraton Times Square in NYC

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